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Here Comes The Sun: The World’s Sunniest Vacation Destinations

Whether you’re bored of your rainy domestic climes or simply can no longer stand another blustery, wind-chilled day, the urge to hop on a plane and go on vacation or – more acutely – emigrate can be enormous. But where to go? Well, instead of going for the tried-and-tested destinations such as Ibiza, Italy or Goa, why not visit the absolute sunniest places on the face of the Earth? There’s luxury to be found, even in these parched places!

Dongola, Sudan

Number five on our list isn’t usually regarded as a particularly popular place to run away to, but Dongola is a surprisingly amazing destination, packed with dramatic scenery, exceptional history, and a delicious 10.4 hours of pure sunlight each and every day. Stroll around the ancient runs of old Dongola and soak in the setting, before gazing out over the lazy Nile River at sunset. If you’re not the most intrepid of travellers, there are all manner of luxury tours one can embark upon, such as this by the Elite Tour Club.

Las Vegas, Nevada

With hot dice and even hotter prizes to be won, Sin City receives around 10.5 hours of sun every single day, granting it spot number four on our list. Swan around the city’s ample shopping avenues, enjoy a few games of poker, and finally relax at Vegas’ best hotel, the Wynn Las Vegas Encore.

Asswan, Egypt 

An idyllic city in the southern regions of Egypt, Asswan receives 10.6 hours of sunlight a day, but there’s lots more to see and do here than simple sun-soaking. Alongside stunning ancient ruins and a stretch of the Nile that is regarded as one of the great river’s most beautiful, you can stay in utmost comfort at the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan in rooms that look out over the ancient landscape.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix receives a scorching 10.6 hours of sun every single day, and as such it’s desert delights that will entertain travellers visiting this Southern gem. Go horseback riding in a manner reminiscent of a cowboy, or wander the city’s Desert Botanical Gardens, home to thousands of examples of the state’s tremendous flora.

Yuma, Arizona

The sunniest place on Earth is Yuma, Arizona, a place that is dominated by a whole 11 hours of sunshine every single day! Yuma is very much a desert community, however don’t let that make you think there’s nothing to do in this desiccated wilderness; river rafting and tubing can be a great way to escape the heat and enjoy a (very lazy) drink, or instead, head off above the desert in a hot air balloon, taking in the amazing scenery below!

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