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World’s Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

From spectacular baubles to artisanal tinsel, a luxury lover must have the very finest in Christmas decorations to ensure the glitz and glam of their day-to-day life extends into this fabulous festive time of year. Here are some decorations of the sort that will be adorning the world’s plushest houses this Christmas:

The bauble – 113.000 EUR – Hallmark Jewellers

130 hours of exemplary craftsmanship went into the manufacturing of this one-of-a-kind designer bauble. This 18 carat white gold orb with its precious stone settings was by far and away the most valuable bauble ever made when it was created back in 2009 – and with its elegant snowflake design, it has the class to match its extraordinary cost.

The bauble

The Christmas Lights – 75.000 EUR – The Faucher Family, Delaware

The Faucher family in Delaware love Christmas. So much indeed, do the Fauchers love Christmas, that they cheerily shell out 75.000 EUR every year just to keep their Christmas light display lit for a month. These festive folk are no scrimpers – they choose to stick with their preferred traditional Christmas lights over greener, cheaper LEDs that would cost around 800% less to run. The Fauchers’ festive electric fee covers just 4 hours of illumination per day over a month-long period, so you can imagine the dazzling scale of their display!

The wreath – 3.9 million EUR –

What’s more beautiful than flowers and more beautiful than diamonds? Easy: flowers and diamonds. This spectacular 60cm wreath was designed by Finnish Floral Designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter, to coincide with the launch of luxury ecommerce brand Combining over 40 diamonds and rubies with some of the world’s rarest luxury leaves and flowers, the wreath is surely one of the most expensive ephemeral products ever sold. We can only begin to imagine the door it was hung upon.

Christmas Wreath by Flor Unikon with Diamonds & Rubies by 77 Diamonds

The tree – 100 million EUR – Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

It’s no secret that the price of Christmas trees is creeping up, but 100 million euros for this artificial conifer is on another level altogether! Bedecked in a panoply of precious stones including diamonds, pearls, emeralds and sapphires, this is one Christmas tree you wouldn’t want the cat to pull over! Image source: Benzinga


If you plan to go all out on the Christmas decorations, you should have the shoes to match.

…And all of this.


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