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Investing in Art: Which Artworks to Buy

Investing in art is a wonderful way to simultaneously further your financial prospects, beautify your home and support the artistic community. The simple pleasure of art ownership is sufficient to satisfy most art buyers, but if you’re determined to make a profit on your purchase somewhere down the line, you need to know which artworks to buy. The answer to that question, alas, is ever changing – tastes change and prices fluctuate. Bear these tips in mind, however, and you’ll be well placed to make the right decisions.

Start local

Starting your search for art investments locally is an approach with many advantages to offer. Firstly, buying work by a local artist presents you with the opportunity to easily confirm the quality, provenance and sale-ability of the work in question through discussion with local art enthusiasts in the know – gallerists, curators, dealers and other experts. Secondly, buying work by local artists is a fantastic way to support the arts in your area, thus making your hometown or region a better place.

Age over beauty

There’s something quite wonderful about supporting the career of a bright young artist by buying their work, but for those of you who are simply looking to make the best investment possible, buying from an established artist with a long and well-documented career behind them is almost invariably a safer bet than buying artworks by young up-and-comers. Choose age over beauty in your investments.

Buy what you like!

If you’re looking to invest in art as an amateur collector, it’s quite likely that many of the works you buy will spend a great deal of time in your home before being sold – that’s if you ever decide to sell them at all. With this in mind, we urge you to choose art that will complement your living space and bring pleasure and aesthetic beauty into your life on a daily basis.

Family portraits can be a surprisingly good investment

Many art buyers make their investments with their children and grandchildren in mind, rather than themselves. For these collectors, family portraits by eminent contemporary portrait artists represent the perfect purchase; a precious document for today, a valuable heirloom for tomorrow.  

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