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VIDEO: These people lost their money in the dumbest ways!

Have you ever known somebody who lost their money in the silliest way possible? Yes, you say? Well guess again! This brilliant (and slightly tragic) video from The Richest proves that however careless you might be with your money, there are plenty of people out there who are far more so. Hit that play button and prepare for some guilty laughs at the expense of others…

How about that? These clueless characters clearly aren’t destined to live a life of luxury in the long run.

Fairground attraction

Whilst some of these tales are touched with tragedy, few but the most humourless – or perhaps the most sympathetic  –  of viewers could fail to find the humour in Henry Gribbolm’s story. We’ve all known how it feels to want to beat a game so badly that you keep playing a little longer than you really should, but this guy took it to the next level. We’re just glad the stall owner showed at least a little sympathy and returned $600 of his luckless customer’s $2,600 investment – and he kindly threw that novelty banana into the bargain too!

Baby bonanzas

Who remembers Beanie Babies – the supposedly precious stuffed toys that found favour with amateur investors around the turn of the millennium? There’s simply nothing cute about the $100,000 hit the Robinson family took after sinking all that money into what they clearly believed to be a plush deal.

Human babies can clearly be trouble-makers too, if our enthusiastic young paper-shredder’s story is anything to go by. The parents can take solace in the fact that their son clearly isn’t naturally inclined to take money too seriously!

Bingeing on booze, breasts and the life of luxury

We’ll end with a thought on the young British lottery winner who blew her £1,875,000 jackpot on parties, drugs, bigger breasts and even bigger houses. It’s all too easy to point the finger of blame at this careless young ex-millionaire, but really, imagine if you had won such a colossal sum of money at the age of 16!

Here are some more sensible things a lottery winner could purchase…