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Vacationing Like A Duke: Top 5 Castles In The World to Rent!

There’s something about castles that screams sumptuousness and excess. Henry V, Louis XIV, William I; each of these towering medieval figures were big fans of castles, if not for their inherent defensive and peasant-corralling capabilities but also due to the sheer beauty and poise of the classic architectural treasures. Whilst most of us will have scarcely encountered a castle outside of the confines of school trips, it is possible to rent out these towering bastions and keeps. Here are some of the world’s best, fit for kings and holidaymakers alike!

1. Walton Castle, Clevedon, England

£5000 per night

Set amongst the idyllic climes of North Somerset and overlooking the Bristol Channel, this Grade II listed castle is truly a sight. Built in the mid-17th century and located on the site of an ancient Iron Age hill fort, the castle features four floors of en suite bedrooms within the central keep and a further number of bedrooms set within the turrets of the fortress’ outer wall. Stroll around the acres of private grounds or cosy up within the delectable ivy-lined walls – as lord of the manor, the choice is yours!

2. Dunrobin Castle, Golspie, United Kingdom

£4000 per night

There’s a reason why Disneyland has such an effect upon children. Dizzying spires, towering up into the sky; nothing is quite as magical! Decide to stay at Dunrobin Castle and you’ll likely experience a similar wave of child-like euphoria, thanks to the similarly fairytale turrets, magnificent gardens and beautiful views.

Talabgaon Castle

3. Talabgaon Castle, Rajasthan, India

£450 per week

Deep within rural India, Heritage Castle resort is an extremely sumptuous place, one of India’s true architectural beauties. Nestled within 150 acres of grounds that have been landscaped and preened to the nth degree, this deluxe getaway is the perfect place for honeymooners; horse riding, safari, sightseeing – here, India is completely at your fingertips!

4. Borgia Castle, Tuscany, Italy

$1220 per week

Straddling the border of Tuscany and Umbria, this truly exceptional castle, complete with 9 hectares of parkland, a swimming pool and tennis courts, is one of Italy’s gems. You and twelve others can stay in a manner befitting of the Venetian aristocracy, and the similarly wondrous towns on Perugia, Siena, Orvieto and Assisi are all nearby.

Borgia Castle

5. Lisheen, Thurles, Ireland

$1085 per night

An iconic building located deep within rural Ireland, this castle is a stately place for any lover of luxury. Statues in every room, crenulations and wood panelling; if you want a classy castle to shore up in for a while, this might be it.


Do you know of any medieval mansions or baroque beauties that anyone can stay in? Let us know in the comments section!

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