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Top 5 Travel Destinations for Late Summer Sun

If, like us, you simply refuse to accept that the summer is drawing to a close, you might want to act fast and book yourself a flight to one of these top travel destinations for late summer sun!

To all our readers living in more temperate parts of the world, think of this as a guide to slightly cooler, culturally fascinating autumn destinations instead!

5. Tenerife

Glorious Tenerife is unfairly regarded by some as a holiday destination purely for hedonists. Whilst it’s true that high summer sees parts of the island overrun with binge-drinking tourists, there’s so much else to see and do on this, the most stunning of the Canary Islands. For intrepid travellers, we recommend a visit to the Teide National Park at the heart of the island, which boasts a unique array of plant life and the highest mountain peak in Spain – it’s like another world!

4. Marrakech

Several Moroccan destinations could easily have made it onto our list – particularly the stunningly beautiful surf-washed city of Essaouira. But if you’re going to visit one place in Morocco, it just has to be Marrakech with its fascinating bazars and vibrant cultural scene.

3. Turkey’s Lycian Coast

Our runaway pick of the bunch for beach bums has to be Turkey’s Lycian Coast, where pine-trimmed mountains overlook sands that sizzle in temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius deep into September.

2. Barcelona

You would be hard-pressed to find a finer tourist destination at any time of year than the iconic city of Barcelona. Whether it’s the architecture, the nightlife or the Catalonian culture more broadly that draws you in, you’ll never find a more fascinating city to visit than this jewel in the Iberian crown. Be sure to visit Gaudi’s astounding magnum opus, La Sagrada Familia. Though the cathedrals towers look set to remain unfinished for the best part of the century, the building remains one of Europe’s most impressive and evocative.

1. Malta

Malta seemed like a natural choice for the top of our list – the sun-kissed Mediterranean nation combines many of the best features of our other destinations: glorious beaches, balmy temperatures and a fascinating array of historical and cultural treasures to name but a few. International influences from lands as far-flung as Britain, Arabia and even Australia have made this tiny country uniquely fascinating.

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