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Top 5 Lottery Tips That Could Win You The Jackpot


We would all love to win the lottery, but for most of us striking it rich with a multi-million euro jackpot is a far-fetched dream, rather than a realistic goal. Winning a lottery jackpot is invariably going to require a generous helping of good luck, but lottery players aren’t as powerless as they might imagine when it comes to improving their chances of a major win. Here are our top 5 lottery tips; handy and simple ways in which you could put yourself in with a better shot of becoming filthy rich. Good luck!

1. Choose your lottery carefully

The lottery games on offer around the world vary significantly, with some offering bigger prizes while others offer more attractive odds on prize wins. If you want to play a big-money lottery draw that offers good odds on a jackpot win, we heartily recommend the fantastic European trans-national lottery EuroJackpot.


2. Consider joining a syndicate

Would you rather have a very small chance of winning the whole cake, or a far better chance of winning a nice big slice? If you’re the type of person who’d opt for the latter, you should seriously consider playing your lotto as part of a syndicate. Syndicate players add their lotto ticket to a pool, where it joins tickets bought be all the other members of the syndicate. If any ticket wins a prize, everyone gets a share!


3. AVOID birthdays and anniversaries!

Many lotto players habitually pick numbers based on anniversaries or birthdays, but this policy is critically flawed. A day can only ever be represented by a number between 1 and 31, which means you’re skewing your lotto numbers in favour of lower numbers when you tick your loved one’s birthday on your lotto ticket.


4. Get a subscription to avoid missing draws

What could be worse than forgetting to enter a lottery draw and then seeing your favourite set of numbers picked by the machine? Avoid this potential heartbreak by signing up to a multiple draw subscription

Get a subscription to avoid missing draws

5. Move to San Diego

Of course, if you are truly devoted to winning a lottery jackpot, you could do far worse than move to a city that is statistically luckier than anywhere else in your home country. If you’re moving stateside, that means you’ll be packing your bags for San Diego… an entirely rational measure, we’re sure you’ll agree.



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