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Top 5 Bachelor Pads: From London to Beverly Hills

From the late 1950s onwards, the bachelor pad has become an object of reverence for young men of an independent and freedom-loving disposition. These quasi-mythical masculine retreats triple up as communal hangouts, hermetic hideaways and *ahem* palaces of love, depending on the character of the bachelor in question and his mood at the given moment. These – our top 5 bachelor pads – are amongst the most glorious examples of this manly mode of dwelling in existence:

1. The Minecraft creator’s pad – Beverly Hills, California, US

Minecraft founder Markus Persson hit the jackpot when his idiosyncratic masterstroke in video game design turned into a global phenomenon; this Beverly Hills pad was his reward. We wonder if anybody has thought to recreate it on Minecraft yet…


2. 4 Park Avenue – New York, US

This penthouse hasn’t even been built yet, and it’s already one of the most talked about properties in the world. When 4 Park Avenue, New York is completed, it will bear the distinction of being the highest penthouse apartment anywhere in the western hemisphere. This translates into almost incomprehensibly epic and breath-taking views of the Manhattan skyline. Yours for just 80 million euros! Image source: 6sqft

4 Park Avenue – New York

4 Park Avenue – New York

4 Park Avenue – New York

3. The Du Parc Kempinski triplex – Chardonne, Switzerland

Given Switzerland’s sterling reputation as a global financial centre, it should come as no surprise that the Alpine nation is home to many of the world’s most glamorous properties; and none more so than the Du Parc Kempinski triplex on Mont Pelerin. Spectacular interiors and even more spectacular views make this stunning penthouse the ultimate bachelor pad for Swiss banking hotshots!

The Du Parc Kempinski triplex – Chardonne

The Du Parc Kempinski triplex – Chardonne

The Du Parc Kempinski triplex – Chardonne

4. Hyde Park One apartment – London, UK

With a mind-boggling asking price of 105 million euros, this remarkable property in London’s Hyde Park One development is officially the most expensive apartment on the open market, worldwide. The property boasts two wings – one facing Hyde Park itself – which jointly house a quintet of opulent bedroom suites.

5. Knightsbridge – London, UK

This prospective London bachelor pad par excellence is currently on the market for a cool 45 million euros – or 5.625 euros for each of the properties 8.000 square ft., to be precise. This may seem like an unbelievable sum, but considering the rapid ongoing appreciation in London property prices, it may actually represent a smart investment for a well-heeled city bachelor.

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