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Top 10 Celebrity Homes


There’s nothing quite like a whistlestop tour of a swanky des res, and there are precious few residences out there that can compare to these sumptuous properties – our top 10 celebrity homes. Join us as we take a peek through the keyholes of some of the planet’s most luxurious abodes:

10. Jack Black

Here we were, expecting a guitar-shaped pool and perhaps a couple of demonic sculptures bedecking the patio… As it happens, comedy/rock superstar Jack Black’s $3 million home is a modern marvel!

9. Matthew McConaughey

Curly-haired All-American heart-throb McConaughey lives in the lap of luxury at his 9-acre estate in Austin, TX… unless he’s out on the road in his pimped-out Airstream Trailer of course!

Matthew McConaughey

 8. Bruce Willis

Action star Bruce Willis has can proudly lay claim to a Hispanic-style Beverly Hills villa that’s decidedly more ‘take it easy’ than ‘Die Hard’.

7. Eddie Murphy

Superstar funny-man/talking donkey Eddie Murphy’s former residence in Granite Bay, California could well be one of the most luxurious homes in our countdown – the infinity pool says it all!

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy 

Eddie Murphy

Sarah Jessica Parker

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

There’s more to SJP than just spear-heading one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television… The Sex and the City actress is also something of a property developer – this one’s on the market for $22 million!

Leonardo DiCaprio5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Mr DiCaprio’s $10 million New York apartment sounds like a holistic dream, with circadian lighting design, vitamin C-infused shower water and a ‘circulated aromatherapy air supply’… whatever that is!

4. Halle Berry

Who knew Catwoman would like the beach so much? Halle Berry’s $8million Malibu hangout is modernist perfection – those windows are a work of art!

Halle Berry

3. J-Lo

The apparently ageless Jennifer Lopez presumably owes some degree of her youthfulness to the restorative powers of her sprawling $18 million home. J-Lo is renowned for her business savvy, so we’re entirely unsurprised at the astonishing luxury of her pad.


holland-park-house-beckham-glamour-25nov13-splash_b_592x8882. Posh & Becks

Britain’s top celebrity couple David & Victoria Beckham are amongst the lucky few who could ever dream of owning a home in Central London today. This elegant home cost a cool £40 million!


1. Kim & Kanye

This glitzy 5-bedroom property provides space for Kim and Kanye to house one child named after each point of the compass, should they wish to complete the set.

Image source: Glamourmagazine, Frontdoor

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