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The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Chocolates

We’ve been making chocolate since as far back as 1750BC, which means nearly four millennia of culinary invention have led us to the confections we consume today. The ancient Mayans used to prepare bitter, strong-tasting chocolate drinks for ceremonial purposes, and it’s fair to say there’s still a hint of ceremony in the way we eat chocolate today – from the reverential un-wrapping of exquisite truffles to the preparation of the perfect homely hot chocolate. We’d certainly be sure to treat these masterpieces – the world’s most expensive luxury chocolates – with a good deal of respect!

1. Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve & Gallais – $1,020 

Nobody does chocolat quite like the French, and many connoisseurs regard Debauve & Gallais as the nation’s finest chocolatiers. Le Grand Louis XVI selection brings together many of the finest works from these superstars of the industry.

Le Grand Louis XVI

2. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate – $1,078

This isn’t just any Wispa bar… Specially created by ubiquitous British confectioners Cadbury, this prize specimen comes wrapped in an ostentatious edible gold wrapper. This most remarkable of Wispas’ hefty price tag made it the most expensive chocolate bar on the face of the Earth!

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

3. Kinipshildt’s Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle – $2,950

Danish chocolatiers Kinipshildt are amongst chocolate’s leading lights. This truffle, their made-to-order magnum opus, combines 70% Valrhona dark chocolate with special ingredients including truffle oil to magical effect. Sumptuous.

Kinipshildt’s Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle

4. Frozen Haute Choc- $25,000

Combining 28 of the world’s finest cocoas with an outrageously indulgent sliver of edible gold, this extra special hot chocolate is touted as the world’s most expensive desert.

Frozen Haute Chocolate

5. Le Chocolat Box – $1.5 million

We can’t help but think this one has snatched the top spot a little unfairly – whilst those luxury Lake Forest Confections chocolates certainly account for a chunk of Le Chocolat Box’s astounding RRP, we expect the accompanying jewellery from Simon Jewelers also had a part to play!

Le Chocolat Box

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