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The Most Advanced Computers Money Can Buy

Ours is the age of technology. Super-fast internet, ultra-high definition screens and ever-shrinking chips are creating a world obsessed with digital tech, and rightly so! If you look at your smartphone, tablet or laptop and can’t help but let out a little sigh, there’s no need to worry, we’ve got a list of utterly powerful computers that will put your paltry device to shame. Just remember to bring your chequebook!

Eclipse SUPERNOVA I5R285OC – €1400 

As will become apparent as you read this article, the vast majority of these computational juggernauts are gaming PCs, rigs of hardware designed with the hardcore video gamer in mind. The Eclipse Supernova (available here) is the first desktop weighing in on our list, and features a hearty set of devices, processors and memory banks that should allow pretty much all contemporary programs to be run upon it. 

DinoPC Dark Spark GTX 960 – €1670

With stats similar to the Eclipse, the Dark Spark GTX 960 is a similarly powerful monster of a PC, with next-generation graphics, new-fangled solid state memory and a heap of peripherals that should have you computing like a whiz from day one. Grab your own at DinoPC.

YoyoTech XDNA Aurum 24K – €11,130 

For people who shirk at the thought of an Apple Mac or Samsung Galaxy S6, there’s the XDNA Aurum. This hyper-powered collection of cutting-edge technology features an Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition (with a capital X) processor, hyper-threading capabilities, and NVIDIA’s newest graphics card, the GTX Titan 6GB. Oh, and did we mention all of these components are water-cooled? Don’t hesitate for a moment; get your XDNA Aurum here!

Origin Genesis – €15,910

Most super-powerful computers are customisable, and taking the Origin Genesis, one of the most lauded PCs on the market today, picking the best, most advanced components, one is presented with a true giant of a computer costing nearly €16,000! This system is cooled cryogenically, a must given the sheer amount of ultra-new technology fitted within the casing, and the entire computer is crafted with meticulous precision by professional system builders so as to provide the most honed computing experience money can buy! Forget diamond-studded cases or supercomputers the size of warehouses, the Origin Genesis is the best computer available on the market.

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