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Spanish Vid set to Become Most Shared Lotto Ad of All Time

One of the remarkable things about lotteries is their power to bring people together, whether that’s through millions of players switching on their TVs for the shared ritual of watching a draw, or through their power to unite thousands of online users in the hope of a luminously bright future. One lottery that forges bonds between people through its gameplay setup alone is Spain’s Christmas lottery, where groups of players club together to buy a single high value ticket in the hopes of winning an enormous prize.

The Spanish Christmas lottery is a truly beautiful game, and this year its operators have commissioned a truly beautiful advert to match. With a running length of 3 minutes 30 seconds and production values akin to a Pixar movie, the CGI clip is more a short film than a regular ad.

Nationwide phenomenon

The movingly told, un-narrated tale depicts a lonely but warm-hearted night watchman, Justino, as he works through the early hours of the morning to make a brighter day for the colleagues he so rarely gets a chance to see. Eventually, of course, there’s a happy ending for Justino and co!

Christmas adverts are especially big business these days, possessing the power to truly make or break a company’s festive period. With millions of YouTube hits to date and vast social uptake, Justino’s ad looks sure to become the most shared lotto ad of all time. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer advert!

What this means for the Spanish Christmas Lottery

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is an extraordinarily popular, one-of-a-kind nationwide phenomenon, and thanks to the immense success of the Justino ad, Christmas 2015 could well be its biggest year yet. Ultimately, this could lead to the total prize fund for the draw exceeding the highest levels ever seen (which is a world record, incidentally!) The largest Spanish Christmas Lottery (Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad) top prize fund seen to date was the €720 million shared between 180 winning tickets in 2012.

If you’re feeling sorry you can’t enter the Spanish Christmas Lottery this year, take heart: you can replicate the wonderful sense of community shown in Justino’s story by clubbing together and buying a load of tickets for your regular lottery instead.

Get rich this Christmas!


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