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Shine like the stars with the world’s most expensive make-up

Any girl knows there’s nothing quite like some luxurious make-up to complete a glamorous look – and there’s no war paint quite so glamorous as these, the world’s most expensive make-up items!

1. Mascara – H. Couture Beauty – The Socialite Collection – $14 million

With an eye-popping price tag of $14 million, this uniquely luxurious one-off version of the most opulent of ocular cosmetics from The Socialite Collection was a queen amongst mascaras (sadly, this particular product is no longer for sale). Housed in a dazzling case set with 1,000 Swarovski crystals and topped off with an 18 carat gold cap, this was a very special collectors piece for very, very wealthy eyes only.


Image source: Amazingandweird

2. Lipstick – Guerlain – KissKiss Lipstick – $62,000

World-renowned make-up expert Olivier Echaudemaison personally selected the 14 gorgeous shades in which Guerlain’s gold-and-diamond-encased masterpiece is sold, and his expertise really shines through – the women who are fortunate enough to wear them are style incarnate! A slice of that $62,000 price tag is lavished on the engraving of a personalised message and the owner’s name. Image source: Guerlain


3. Face cream – Nordstrom – Creme De La Mer Ultrarich Cream – $2,222

It’s no wonder the super-rich seem able to stay almost unbelievably beautiful, ludicrously deep into old age – theirs is the good fortune to be able to call on products like this wonder-cream from Nordstrom. They say the reason behind this cream’s ability to banish wrinkles and keep skin firm is the ‘miracle-broth’ formula used in its manufacture – apparently the secret is seaweed! Image source: Nordstrom


4. Concealer foundation – La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation – La Prairie – $228

Yes, you read that correctly: caviar! This superb concealer calls on a number of lavish ingredients, including the much-prized fish eggs that are more typically spread on crackers than on faces. With unparalleled flaw-fixing properties and high durability, this luxury product is a favourite with wealthy women who have particularly important and difficult days ahead of them, from weddings to job interviews and high profile meetings. With the power of caviar, nothing is going to make you look anything less than perfect! Image source: Laprairieswitzerland


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