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Rihanna & Dior: A Celebrity-Sartorial Match Made in Heaven

For pop music fans, there’s no greater, more brightly-burning star than Rihanna, the Barbadian singer, actress and designer having been topping charts since her emergence back in 2005. The star isn’t just known for her music, however, having forged the start of a quite literally glittering fashion career during the beginning of the height of her fame back in 2011.

Rihanna’s first fashion range was her November 2011 collection, produced alongside Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans. Comprising of both denim and lingerie, the collection was highly representative of the singer’s simple yet chic style: two tees, one bearing Rihanna’s face and the other featuring an ‘R’ imposed atop Armani’s eagle logo; a glammish pair of skinny black jeans and a more laid back, blue boyfriend-like pair; as well as both a many-zipped black leather jacket and a leather trimmed bucked backpack crafted out of canvas. It was Armani all over, and we loved it!

Since this breakout moment, Rih-Rih has starred on TV in ‘Styled to Rock’, presented a spring fashion collection at London Fashion Week for retailer River Island, and has appeared as the face of the excellent French fashion house Balmain (check out their extraordinary collections here for a taste!), among many, many other activities in the fashion world. Now, the woman behind ‘Pon De Replay’ is delving back in to the fashion world once again, this time with Dior. What’s more, she is the first black woman to appear as the brand’s face!

The brand’s new campaign is entitled ‘Secret Garden IV’, the centrepiece of which is a dark and brooding video that sees Rihanna strut through the halls of the French palace of Versailles in all manner of amazing outfits, all whilst being illuminated by moonlit navy blue. Featured pieces include a shimmering turtle necked ball gown, a deliciously simple yet classic burgundy dress, and an endlessly flowing crimson gown Marie Antoinette herself would lust after. The inimitable palace, columns, gardens and chandeliers aplenty, proves to be an excellent backdrop for the collection release video, and will surely have fashionistas the world over lusting for the collection.

If you love the look of Dior and Rihanna’s new campaign, you can peruse and order from the collection at Dior’s site, just in time for the summer party season!

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