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Top 10 Places to Take a Selfie

We are living through the age of the selfie. These photographic self-portraits adorn the walls of our Facebook profiles and bear testament to the lives we lead – to the personalities we seek to portray to our peers. Unbelievably, somebody out there has even created the ‘belfie stick’. So many selfies, so little time… to make life a little easier for you, here are our top 10 places to take a selfie – tick off every last one of these and your selfie game will be practically unsurpassable.

10. Madagascar

The reasons for the island of Madagascar’s inclusion on this list could be many in number, but our reasoning boils down to one thing: lemurs.

9. Easter Island

Grab a selfie with one of humanity’s most mysterious monolithic structures on the hauntingly desolate Easter Island.

Easter Island

8. The North Pole

Imitate the Earth’s axis by taking an overhead selfie at Magnetic North – an OCD selfie-taker’s dream!

The North Pole

7. The top of the Burj Khalifa

For perhaps an even greater top-of-the-world feeling, try the pinnacle of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

6. Times Square

Put yourself at the heart of the epilepsy-inducing iconography of the Western World in New York’s inimitable Times Square. Bonus points for New Year’s Eve selfies.

Times Square

5. Crowd-surfing

The next time you go to see a gig, please bear in mind that a crowd-surfing selfie is infinitely more exciting than your common-or-garden crowd shot.


4. The Great Barrier Reef

You will, of course, require a waterproof camera for this assignment. Grab a snap with the creatures of the deep, or maybe just some gorgeous coral if they prove to be camera-shy.

3. On the canals of Venice

Nothing says you’re living the high-life like a gondola-shot selfie from the stunning waterways of Venice. Bonus points if you can keep the city’s resident pigeons out of the frame.

Canals of Venice

2. At Platform 9 and three quarters

If you were a Harry Potter kid (or indeed, if you are a Harry Potter adult), you should make a note to grab a selfie at platform 9 and three quarters, King’s Cross Station the next time you’re in London.

Platform 9 and three quarters

1. The Pyramids of Egypt

Why? Because they’re the Pyramids of Egypt!

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