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When Your Pet Dog is a Millionaire

Here at Winners’ Lifestyle Club, we just don’t buy into the idea that all you need to do to make it in life is become a millionaire. We’re interested in a whole other level of luxury. But when your pet dog is a millionaire too? Now we’re talking. These moneyed mutts put the O.G. in dog:

Snoop, is that you?

He may be cute and fluffy, but this little guy drives a hard bargain.


That face…

Now there’s a lot going on in this photo, what with the gilded headboard and the stacks of cash… but can we just take a moment to look at this dog’s face? It looks just like the face of a little old man with a grey goatee… Sir Richard Branson, perhaps?


Which supercar window to stick my head out of today?

This is such a first world dog problem.


The new Sex & The City film looks great!

These ladies are looking forward to a day of up-market shopping and chats over coffee, followed by an evening spent rolling around in muddy puddles and eating their own vomit.


Some owners just can’t accept that their dog isn’t human…

…and we’re glad, because otherwise we wouldn’t get photographs like this! Pink is totally her shade.


Can I come out yet?

Bath-time can be a challenging moment for dog and owner alike, but the whole tumultuous process seems so much more dignified when you’re using a beautifully crafted doggie bath. Plus, it means you can keep your regular bath for human use – and if you’ve seen all the stuff dogs like to get up to, you’ll probably agree that seems an appealing option.


This dog has more class than any human, ever

No jokes for this one, only humble appreciation of this vision of canine royalty! Probably out of shot: her matching diamond-studded shoes.


A dangerous new alliance?

A new blood-pact between dogs and giant, inflatable swans could spell the end of humankind and the rise of a new world order. Or at the very least it would be really cute.


All images sourced from Rich Dogs of Instagram

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