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The 5 World’s Most Expensive Official Residences

Running a country is a funny old business. Whilst the citizens of the world would like to think that the majority of their taxes go towards development, social welfare and the things that encapsulate progress, politicians and despots across the globe are a rather vain bunch, this being the product of international posturing and the wish to boost levels of national prestige. As one might expect, high and mighty feelings have produced similarly supercilious official residences. Without further adieu, here are some of the most expensive official residences.

1. Presidential Palace

Turkey – €550,000,000

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has been called all manner of names. Reformer, autocrat, consevative and reactionary; all have been used to describe the somewhat unsettling views and policies of the ardent nationalist, however one more can safely be added to the leader’s list of titles – lavish. The new Presidential Palace, the brainchild of Erdogan, was opened in October 2014, but that hasn’t stopped it earning the nickname ‘The Illegal Palace’ amongst critics thanks to the rather shady dealings that marked its staggeringly expensive construction.

2. The Kremlin

Russia – Unknown

The seat of Russian power, The Kremlin is a fortified, towering complex sitting on the banks of Moscow’s Moskva River and serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation, amongst many other roles. It’s very difficult to judge just how expensive actually buying the Kremlin would be; the walls were built by the finest Italian builders in the late 1400s, alongside a number of cathedrals, palaces and other pieces of finery, however it’s easy to assume the entire complex could be worth billions.

The Kremlin

3. The White House

U.S.A. – €285,000,000

The White House is the most recognisable official residences in the world, the home of every American president since it was opened in 1800 and John Adams strutted through the front door. Whilst the exact worth of the building and grounds isn’t officially provided, Zillow, a U.S real estate website, recently valued the residence at a handsome €285,000,000.

4. Golden Jubilee House

Ghana – €72,000,000

Located in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, this monument to modern Ghana was officially opened in November 2008. Initially financed by a $30,000,000 loan from India, it quickly became apparent that the luxurious residence and office complex would cost far more, this extra cash being sourced from the country itself, a place that ranks 138th out of 187 countries in the UN’s human development index.


5. Élysée Palace

France – Unknown

Built in 1848 and containing the office of the President and Council of Ministers, France’s Elysee Palace is a truly grand place deserving of a place on our list. The Palace features extensive, perfectly preened gardens; a ceremonial courtyard surrounded by columns; and a huge number of intricately decorated official, public and private rooms. No valuations exist for this exceptional building, but be assured the sum would definitely run into the nine, perhaps ten, figure range.

Élysée Palace

Which one of these great public works would you like to live in one day? Let us know below!

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