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Lingerie of the Goddesses: Top 10 Most Expensive Bras


There’s no surer sign of extraordinary wealth than spending immense sums of money on items of clothing that most people will never even see… these are the top 10 most expensive bras on the market – guaranteed to make any lady feel like a bona fide goddess!

10. Agent Provocateur bra – 1048 EUR

Agent Provocateur are amongst the most high-end lingerie brands to advertise their brands to the general public. This pretty number is amongst their more expensive wares.


9. Jennifer Lawrence’s Silver Linings Playbook bra – 2644 EUR

We hate to think of the type of person who happily shelled out such a large sum of money for Jennifer Lawrence’s bra. There’s some comfort in the fact the proceeds went to charity!


8. Victoria’s Secret bra – 4405 EUR

Victoria’s Secret have almost unprecedented cache in the lingerie world, happily straddling the borderline between high-end high street and luxury. This elegant creation is perhaps one of their finer works!


7. Kylie Minogue’s favourite bra – 12215 EUR

One generous charity auction bidder was lucky, lucky, lucky enough to bag Kylie’s brassiere for just over 12.000 EUR.


6. Eternal Love bra – 17633 EUR

Rivers of Swarovski crystals must surely make this the world’s most ostentatious sports bra!


5. Madonna’s Blonde Ambition bra – 45821 EUR

This iconic bra with its conical cups is truly a piece of pop history – unsurprisingly, it sold at auction for the price of a supercar.


4. Birmingham Estate & Jewelry Buyers gold bra – 881.000 EUR

This bra is pure indulgence in diamond and gold.


3. Triumph International Japan Ltd Millennium bra – 1.68 million EUR

Woven from spun gold and featuring a 15 carat diamond centrepiece, this remarkable garment offers its own relatively practical take on ultra-luxury lingerie.


2. Top Secret bra – 3.1 million EUR

Diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend, so why not keep them close to your heart with am unbelievably extravagant Top Secret bra!


1. Red Hot Fantasy bra – 13.2 million EUR

Personally, we can’t imagine a bra encrusted with 300 CARATS of rubies being especially comfortable… but then again, 300 CARATS of rubies!!


Image source: Buzzfeed

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