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The world’s most exclusive breeds of cat

Since the days of the Ancient Egyptians, the domestic cat (felis catus) has been mankind’s most beloved household pet. We have an enduring fascination with felines that has manifested itself in myriad ways, from primitive artworks to internet memes.

Any old puss deserves love as much as the next, but inevitably, some cats are costlier than others. The following breeds – the world’s most exclusive cats – are the most highly prized of all.

  1. Scottish Fold – up to 2.700 EUR

We’ll start with perhaps our favourite breed on the list: the utterly adorable, often comical Scottish Fold. These cats are amongst the most affectionate ever known, and they look cute as a button.


  1. Sphynx – up to 2.700 EUR

Sphynx lovers adore the hairless glamour of this rare and costly breed of cat.


  1. Russian Blue – up to 2.700 EUR

Russian Blues really are a wonderful breed. These cats possess a natural affinity with other animals and children, and their honed physiques mean they are positively full to the brim with energy!


  1. Peterbald – up to 4.500 EUR

These slinky beauties are amongst the most intelligent members of the species, with none of the excess fur and twice the wits of your average cat.


  1. Persian – up to 5.000 EUR

These fluff-balls are the world’s most popular breed of cat – and they have the high price tag to match their elevated status!


  1. Belinese – Hypoallergenic – up to 5.500 EUR

Hypoallergenic cats come in many different shapes and sizes. Their special facet: they don’t trigger reactions in people who are allergic to cats!

  1. Bengal – up to 23.000 EUR

This gorgeous breed has the blood of the Asian Leopard Cat running through its veins, which makes it one of the most exotic breeds on our list. Just look at those big, bright eyes!


  1. Savannah Cat – up to 45.000 EUR

With their pointed ears, spotted coats and banded tales, Savannah Cats are not just the most exclusive felines on our list – many would say they are the most beautiful too. This glamorous crossbreed between the serval and the domestic cat makes a wonderfully loyal and fascinating pet.


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