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Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands

If there’s one thing which every fashionista can agree on, it’s that you never, ever, want to be seen in the same outfit as somebody else (particularly if that someone is annoyingly perfect). As a rule, the more you spend, the more exclusive your outfit is going to be. Splash out on clothes from one our top 10 most expensive luxury fashion brands, and you’ll never even have to consider the competition!

10. Versace

One of the newest names at high fashion’s top table, Versace became a wardrobe fixture for a host of celebs including ‘Rocket Man’ singer Elton John, Princess Diana and Madonna during the 1980s.

9. Burberry

Queen Victoria was on the British throne when Thomas Burberry started selling coats in 1856. Now the world’s leading outerwear label, Burberry has thrived in the 21st Century by targeting lucrative new markets in China and the Gulf states.

8. Armani

From sophisticated evening gowns to bold casualwear style statements, Armani has developed into a fashion empire that effortlessly straddles the gulf between the catwalk and the designer shopping outlets.

7. Dolce & Gabbana

D&G can lay claim to some of the most dazzling red carpet looks of the last thirty years – whether their name has been on the labels of the hottest A-lister gowns or on the lips of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno, this brand is always Hollywood to the core.

6. Gucci

With global revenues of $4.2 billion, Gucci is not only one of the world’s biggest fashion brands, but one of the planet’s top businesses full stop.

5. Dior

Christian Dior’s brand has maintained a prime position in global fashion with a killer combination of celebrity endorsements, filmic adverts, sought-after perfumes and inimitable fashion designs.

4. Chanel

Chanel’s chic aesthetic redefined women’s fashion in the 20th Century, and a recent surge of popular culture interest in founder Coco has massively boosted the label’s cache.

3. Prada

Catwalk revolutionaries Prada epitomise the dizzying heights of Italian inventiveness – they’ve even tried their ingenious hands at mobile phone design!

2. Louis Vuitton

Their handbags are amongst the most sought-after accessories in the world, their luggage is to die for and they are no slouches where garments are concerned either. They are Louis Vuitton, and there’s no one quite like them.

1. Oscar de la Renta

Outfitter to First Ladies, and dress-maker for the classiest brides, Oscar de la Renta was a master of his craft. The designer tragically passed away in 2014, but his name lives on through his peerless house of fashion.

Oscar de la Renta


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