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Lottery Winners: Where Are They Now?

Winning the lottery is a life-changing event, and we regularly revel in the tales of the people behind the big wins. Not as much attention is ever placed on winners a long time after they’ve received monster windfalls though; a lot changes in a few years, and what seemed like an enormous pot of cash can, if one is that way inclined, seemingly disappear! Cautionary Tales and feel-good success stories; here are the lottery winners of yore!

Deana Sampson – £5,439,681 in October 1996

Working as a mobile hairdresser and living in a council house from paycheque to paycheque, Deana Sampson’s life was turned upside down when she won nearly five and a half million on the UK’s National Lottery. Instead of blowing the money though the woman from Sheffield turned her life around, investing in lingerie, restaurants and health rental properties, investments that have allowed her to live a life of leisure in the years since the win.

Deana Sampson

Gareth Bull – £40,637,241 in January 2012

Another lucky EuroMillions winner, Gareth Bull bought his winning ticket when he had been unable to start a building job due to poor weather, but it’s safe to say that after the win, self-employed Gareth was no longer at the mercy of the elements! Embarking on holidays to Mexico and Egypt and buying both a Mercedes and a Range Rover, Gareth, his wife and his two young children have been enjoying their newfound freedom, but also are dedicated to giving something back to their community, supporting local community groups.

Gareth Bull

Brian Caswell – £24,951,269 in June 2009

Having only won a share in an allotment during their lives, Brian and Joan Caswell were shocked when they discovered they had won nearly twenty five million pounds on EuroMillions in 2009. The couple had already retired from work, so set about making life better for those around them, paying off mortgages, buying homes for their children, supporting charities and taking their family away on trips abroad by private plane!

Brian Caswell

Roy Cockrum – $259,800,000 in June 2014

Winner of a ridiculously large sum of money, Roy Cockrum from Knoxville, USA, began giving his money away to all manner of charities and created a foundation to support arts organisations across the country. Unfortunately though, today Ray is beset by con-artists who are using his name to cheat others out of their cash. It just goes to show; things aren’t always sunny in the world of the winner.

Roy Cockrum

How do you see your life changing in the event of a big lottery win? Tell us below!


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