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The Floating Seahorse Yacht: Underwater Relax!

The ocean. It’s the preserve of gruff bosons, pungent fishermen, and wealthy yachters, its gently lapping waves and tumultuous swells proving to be a wonderful example of a place enjoyed by people hailing from all walks of life. Of course, not many people would scream in excited anticipation when presented with the prospect of spending their days on a rusting trawler, and indeed the more promising nautical abodes of the world are a great cut above the creaking hulks of our coastal industries. The Floating Seahorse Yacht is one of these such vessels.

Floating Seahorse Yacht

Designed and manufactured by the Kleindienst Group, a real estate company based in Dubai that started out life in Austria, the Floating Seahorse is a very modern yacht that brings together beautiful views – both under and above water – classy living spaces and contemporary style, all to create an immensely luxurious place to live or vacation upon. The boat is set to be showcased at the Dubai International Boat Show; get your tickets here!

Floating Seahorse Yacht

The boat is not a fixed dwelling, and as such it can be sailed around any calm coastal waters, however owners will definitely want to watch out for reefs, rocks and low tides. Why? Because the Seahorse features a luxury sleeping area that lies beneath the waves. This deck will also come outfitted with an artificially-created coral reef, upon which all manner of sea creatures – seahorses included – can live, breed and frolic in peace. Owners will be able to gaze out beneath the surface of the water, catching a glimpse of an underwater realm only scuba divers, snorkellers and fish have ever experienced.

Floating Seahorse Yacht

The more traditional above-water-level accommodations are similarly as excellent as the underwater offerings. Alongside a fully-fitted kitchen, a completely open-plan living area, outfitted with floor to ceiling windows, informal bed, Jacuzzi, mini bar and kitchenette comes as standard. Open those pristine windows and you’ll be greeted by a beautiful ocean scene, the room becoming an extension of the outer sun deck.

Floating Seahorse Yacht

Slated for completion by the end of 2016, the Floating Seahorse Yacht is something any luxury lover should be adding to their Christmas lists next year, although the price is likely to be rather high indeed, especially high given that Keindienst is restricting production to a mere 42 units. If you want to get your name high up the waiting list, visit the site here and ask for a brochure!

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