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Flawless: Beyoncé Launches Temporary Tattoo Range

Far from content with simply being one of the world’s biggest popstars, Beyoncé just made a move on the temporary tattoo market! Queen Bey has joined forces with Flash Tattoos to create a temporary tattoo range that they’re describing as “fierce, flawless and fabulous.” The singer is credited as the 57-piece temporary tat pack’s creative director and co-designer.

Flash designs

Any Beyoncé fans who fancy wearing the designs for themselves can pick up the whole set for an affordable $28; for those wearing one design at a time that translates into at least 112 days of glitzy glamour, based on the 4 to 6 day lifespan of each temporary tattoo. The designs included feature Beyoncé lyrics, beehive imagery, and, oddly, guns. A metallic effect gives the pieces that trademark Flawless sparkle which makes Flash Tattoos a hit with young and old alike.

Flash Tattoos founder Miranda Burnet told members of the media: “Fortunately for us, Beyoncé was already a big fan of the product. She kept wearing them and we kept sending her more. It was almost fate that we were approached to do this collaboration. We were always so surprised by how she wore the tattoos.

“It was clear that she has a creative side to her. A lot of people are intimidated because the product is very flashy, but she wore them in very bold ways. Sometimes she wore a whole sheet at one time, which eventually became known in our office as ‘the Beyoncé.’ She introduced a way of layering the tattoos that was new to us.”

How to incorporate temporary tats into your look

At times, temporary tattoos have been somewhat unfairly stigmatised by tattoo purists, but the fact is that we’ve been using temporary tattoos since ancient times – just look at the wonderful results that can be achieved with traditional henna tattoos! The Beyoncé pack is based on a metallic look, which means they look great when paired with a colourful outfit, and a little skin. Avoid wearing metallic-look clothes to escape the pitfall of clashing metals. Temporary tats like these can provide a fabulous way to spice up a look, without the need for laser removal treatments years down the line!

You can buy the Beyoncé x Flash Tattoos pack here