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8 things you could do if you won the Lottery

Money isn’t everything in this life, but it certainly opens up a lot of possibilities – take these eight things you could do if you won the lottery for example:

8. Do anything you want!

There are some things that money can’t buy… but not many!


7. Party harder

Everyone has a decadent party fantasy. Now you’re a lottery millionaire you can paint the town like never before! Drink the finest champagne. Attend only the swankiest clubs. Boogie down.

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6. Invest in some rad tech

Throw away your dusty old iPhone 6, smash your Macbook and flush that Oculus Rift down the toilet – with millions of euros at your disposal you now possess the purchasing power to buy the kind of tech that even Elon Musk would get giddy over.

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5. Do something different every day

Why ever have another dull day when you have the financial means to do something that gets your heart beating faster every single day of your life!?


4. Level up your pet game

Don’t get us wrong – cats and dogs rule. This does, however, represent a golden opportunity to invest in some slightly more exclusive pets (and, of course, a knowledgeable helper who knows how to care for them!)


3. Tell your boss how it is

Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t tell your boss exactly how you feel? No need to mince your words if you’ve won the lottery – tell ‘em how it is and don’t hold back!


2. Get your own personal chef

Why in God’s name would you continue to cook for yourself if you won the lottery? A personal chef and 24 hour banquets are now the carte du jour.


1. Go designer

High street boutiques are so passé. From now on you’ll be dressed only in the best. You’ll have Karl Lagerfeld on speed dial. Pathetic mortals will gaze on in awe as you strut down the street before disappearing into an expensive car with tinted windows.


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