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Dan Bilzerian’s Top 5 Most Controversial Moments

Love him or loathe him, Dan Bilzerian’s life is one-in-a-million. From bagging poker titles to throwing porn stars into swimming pools, the bearded playboy with the $150 million net worth is constantly living hard. We’ve collected Bilzerian’s top 5 most controversial moments here in this article to prove the point.

Remember the incident with the porn actress and the swimming pool?

Picture the scene. It’s a crisp December day, the sun is shining, and you’re about to sling a naked, teenage porn actress into a swimming pool from the roof of a house, all in the name of a Hustler photoshoot. So far, so Dan Bilzerian. The only problem: Dan’s aim was off, and his young projectile, Janice Griffith,  hit the side of the pool on her way in, injuring her foot. A lengthy battle for compensation followed, but in the end Griffith hobbled away empty-handed.

💚 @vixenxofficial 💚

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Then there are all the other women…

This guy seems to pick up another bevy of bikini-clad beauties every single week. This point probably wouldn’t be so controversial if it wasn’t quite so jealousy-inducing!

Im in this pic. Photocred: @powersimagery

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He brought a gun to school…

Now we all know that Blitz loves guns, but did you know that he actually once served time in jail for a firearms related offence? Bilzerian took an M16 assault rifle used by his father in the Vietnam War into his school’s parking lot when he was in his senior year, and was duly rewarded with three weeks in the slammer. According to Bilzerian, he just couldn’t help himself: “I was so proud of the damn thing, I was showing everybody.”

Just got injected with stemcells, happiness is a machine gun in Mexico photocred: @billperkins

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…and he got kicked out of military training

Not only does Bilzerian own a tonne of guns – he also knows how to use them. Shortly after leaving school, the young Blitz trained to become a US Navy SEAL, successfully completing 99% of the course. The only problem: he got kicked out for calling an officer a “pussy”, just two days before he was due to graduate.

Happiness is a warm gun

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He also had his Bruce Lee moment

Bilzerian makes no secret of the fact that he can handle himself in a scrap. He allegedly came off the better in a nightclub altercation back in 2014, when he was supposedly filmed kicking a young woman in the face whilst partying at Miami’s LIV Nightclub. The poker ace insists he was acting in defence of another female party-goer.

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