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Climb Aboard the Windowless Jet Plane

The allowable limits within which aeroplane windows must be built have always presented engineers with a major challenge when it comes to giving air passengers the best in-flight view possible. In order to bear the stresses of flying at altitude, windows must be circular, and preferably on the smaller side – other shapes are more liable to crack or warp, which is clearly far from desirable. Thankfully, the solution is almost ready for market!

Windowless Jet

Well-heeled jet travellers are soon to enjoy digitally augmented 360 degree panoramas of their surroundings, courtesy of the world’s first hi-tech windowless jet plane. The brand new supersonic business jet from Spike Aerospace will boast an interior almost entirely covered with video displays, showing a live stream of the jets surroundings which will be captured in real time by video cameras attached to the exterior of the jet. The video walls are set to possess the capability to displays graphics such as slideshow presentations, allowing passengers to superimpose their business plans onto the ever-changing background.

Windowless Jet

The impressive facets of Spike Aerospace’s new jet certainly don’t stop with its immersive video screen technology – there’s also some serious aeronautical bite in the vehicle, as encapsulated in its rip-roaring supersonic top speeds of Mach 1.6 to 1.7. At this rate, the jet will be able to travel from LA to Tokyo in five hours, and from London to New York in just three. Doing business in-flight didn’t just get more technologically advanced, it got blindingly fast too.

Windowless Jet

Spike Aerospace are yet to release full details of the jet’s superimposed graphics feature, but early indications suggest that passengers will be able to view graphs and presentations, and possible applications could extend as far as conference calling or even video gaming.

For the rest of us, there are tablets!

It seems highly unlikely that wall-to-wall in-flight video streams will be available to all but the most privileged in society at any point in the near future – a major stumbling block for commercial airlines would be the fact that for many passengers, the idea of seeing a 360 degrees view of their surroundings would be nothing short of terrifying!

Windowless Jet

Thankfully, we have already seen the advent of a new technology that affords unprecedented levels of accessible entertainment to the average air passenger: tablets. Light-weight, built for both media and business, and easy to fit in your luggage, the iPad and its competitors are the ultimate facilitators of in-flight entertainment. Find deals on iPads here!

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