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Celebrity Spending Habits Exposed!

Being a celebrity seems like a pretty great job at first sight. Rise late, eat well, lounge by the pool for a few hours, do an interview, then throw on the glad rags and head out to a swanky event! Although this might be a somewhat skewed idea of the celebrity lifestyle – the life of a celebrity indeed being rather strenuous at times thanks to tours, engagements and a complete lack of privacy – the best and brightest do have rather large financial cushions upon which to rest their beautiful yet bedraggled heads! So, what sort of mad purchases have top celebrities been known to make, exactly?

Lady Gaga – Ghost-Hunting Equipment 

The ever-shocking, boundary-breaking starlet is no stranger to fame and fortune, and her spending habits are likely to raise just as many eyebrows as a brisket-lined dress ever would. A few years ago the star spent a massive $50,000 on a set of Electro-Magnetic Field Readers, high-tech, somewhat superstitious gadgets that are used to detect ghosts! Gaga, who believes that she is the reincarnation of her aunt Joanne, seemingly appears to fear the more malicious apparitions that haunt the ether! 

  Soulja Boy – A Plane 

Costing a stratospheric $55 million in total, Soulja Boy’s new private jet cost more than even the moderately rich could ever hope to earn in their lifetimes! If you want to follow in the footsteps of the man behind ‘Yah Trick Yahh’ and fancy yourself a Gulfstream, you can order one for yourself right here!

Soulja Boy

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber – A Date

Teenage dating; love it or hate it, we all have to wince and palpitate our way through a few of these moments during our adolescence, but it’s safe to say that none of the meals or strolls you or I enjoyed were as expensive as Bieber and Gomez’ September 2011 date. Costing $475,000, the paid rented out the 200,000-seat Staples Centre in Los Angeles, enjoying dinner and watching ‘Titanic’, all by themselves.  

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

Mike Tyson – A Bath 

Heated, powerful and pressurised, Mike Tyson’s personality is highly akin to his feelings concerning bathing, so much so that he once paid $2 million for a new bathtub for his now ex-wife Robin Givens. We’re not quite sure which tub Tyson actually bought; the most expensive we could find was this beautiful €1,000,000 piece produced by Baldi located here. Perhaps Mike neglected to shop around?

Kim Basinger – A Whole Town

The star of a host of 80s films we’ve all forgotten the names of, Kim Basinger has had a fair few financial problems during her time, the biggest of which was related to her 1989 purchase of Braselton, Georgia for the grand price of $20 million. The actress-cum-activist wanted to make the location in to a tourist attraction, based around a movie studio and film festival, however financial issue after financial issue took their toll on the project, and today the star has completely sold off her stake in the town.

Kim Basinger

Being a celebrity isn’t easy, but thankfully with nine-figure net-worths the pain of the paparazzi can be negated with a huge dose of retail therapy! What’s the biggest purchase you’ve ever made? Tell us below!

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