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10 Celebrities Who Blew it All

From riches to rags, glitz to the pits, red carpets to rock bottom and, well, you get the idea. Whether you’re here to indulge in a healthy dose of schadenfreude or simply out of innocent curiosity, we’re sure you’ll be astonished at the fates of these 10 celebrities who blew it all:

M.C. Hammer1. M.C. Hammer

M.C. Hammer has proven himself to be far from the sharpest tool in the shed – the trailblazing rapper filed for bankruptcy to the tune of $13 million in 1996.


Burt Reynolds2. Burt Reynolds

1996 must have been a bad year for celebrity finances, having also seen actor Burt Reynolds filing for bankruptcy.


Kim Basinger3. Kim Basinger

Movie-star Basinger went bankrupt in 1993, following a crippling legal battle with Main Line Pictures.


4. Larry King4. Larry King

US media mainstay Larry King has certainly had his ups and downs. The TV personality found himself in six-figure debt back in the 1970s.


Mark Twain 5. Mark Twain

Literary greatness is no sure protection against financial ruin. America’s most beloved author went bankrupt in 1894 as a result of a spate of bad investments. Thankfully, his writerly legacy remained, untarnished.

Dionne Warwick6. Dionne Warwick

We were saddened to witness the plight of the wonderful singer Dionne Warwick back in 2013, when she finally took responsibility for over $10 million of unpaid taxes dating back to the 80s and filed for bankruptcy.

Untitled-17. Meatloaf

Like a bat out of Hell, Meatloaf’s fortune was gone by the mid-1980s, his bankruptcy coinciding with a costly law-suit filed by a former song-writing partner.

Ulysses S. Grant8. Ulysses S. Grant

Even the most powerful people in the world can get stung when financial foul play is afoot. The former US President went bust when an ill-chosen business partner embezzled a significant amount of money invested by Grant and others.

Mickey Rooney9. Mickey Rooney

 It was no laughing matter for now-sadly-deceased comic Mickey Rooney, when the star went bankrupt in 1962 after years of declining popularity.

Marvin Gaye10. Marvin Gaye

It’s hard to imagine legendary soul superstar Marvin Gaye reduced to living in a bread van not long after the height of his stardom, but that’s exactly what happened to the ‘I heard it through the Grapevine’ singer after he filed for bankruptcy in 1979.

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