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AeroMobil: The Flying Car Anyone Can Own

If, like us, you adore flying, there’s not all that many ways one can indulge their love of flight, save hopping on an airliner, getting flying lessons or throwing caution to the wind and buying a wing suit. Indeed, after the futuristic optimism of the fifties and sixties subsided, personal flight became a near-impossible prospect, but now, an amazing new vehicle looks set to turn the idea on its head.

This amazing aeronautical necessity is called the AeroMobil 3.0, a vehicle that, for all intents and purposes, is the closest we’re likely to get to a flying car! The amazingly sleek, beautiful craft runs on regular petroleum and features folding wings that allow users to drive the car to their nearest airfield, fly through the air, land, and proceed to the destination of their choice. Any grassy or paved surface over a two hundred metres in length could conceivably be used as a landing strip, however.


Crafted out of composite materials and carbon coatings that AeroMobil are understandably keeping very much under wraps, the car-cum-aeroplane is powered by a Rotax 912 engine that powers both the automotive and aeronautical aspects of the craft, the propeller being featured at the rear end of the plane. Whilst the cruising speed of the two-seater AeroMobil 3.0 is between 60 and 150km/h, true hot shot pilots could conceivably push it to speeds in excess of 200km/h, depending on the weather, soaring along for around 700km before refuelling is required. 


So when will you be able to get hold of the joystick? Well, the Slovakian company is being somewhat guarded with regards to this important piece of information, although their site floats a possible release within the next two or three years, with orders first being taken during 2016. The price is similarly up in the air, however a sum measured in hundreds of thousands of Euros is most likely given the exquisite combination of flying capabilities and sports car aesthetics.


All you’ll need to get in order to legally fly the finished AeroMobil is a driving license and either a Private Pilot License or a Sport Pilot License, alongside more than forty hours of flying experience. If you’re as in love with this magnificent craft as much as we are, we’d suggest heading to; from here you can search for flying schools closest to you and train for the big day when AeroMobil is finally released! AeroMobil

Do you want an AeroMobil for yourself? What sorts of high-flying adventures would you like to embark upon most? Voice your thoughts in the comments section! 

Image source: AeroMobil

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