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9 Most Expensive Homes In Europe

These unparalleled properties make the houses on MTV Cribs look like the lowest of hovels… Join us as we soak up the beautiful architecture and glamorous surroundings of the most expensive homes in Europe!

9. Moscow Manor

Located just a few miles from the Russian capital, the Moscow Manor is sparingly designed but sumptuous.

Moscow Manor

8. Kensington Palace Gardens

Currently owned by steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, the beautiful Kensington Palace estate in London is worth approximately two-hundred-and-thirty million! The majority of the grounds are open to the public, so you can drink in the opulence for yourself.

Kensington Palace Gardens

7. Updown Court

This gorgeous home in Surrey, England, is essentially a leisure complex in its own right, boasting tennis courts, theatre and movie rooms, vast garages and elegant swimming pools.

Updown Court

6. Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa

Ukrainian philanthropist Elena Franchuk has worked wonders on this former girls’ school in London, turning the house from simply outstanding to exceptional through some canny interior design decisions.

Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa

5. One Hyde Park Penthouse

You may have noticed a lot of London properties cropping up in this list. Real estate is certainly a scarce and costly commodity in the UK capital, which goes a small way towards justifying the $200 million price tag attached to the premium apartments in the plush One Hyde Park development.

One Hyde Park Penthouse

4. Hariri’s London Mansion

Owned by the ridiculously wealthy Hariri family, this staggering 45-bedroom mansion cost more than $300 million. Homely touches include the building’s bullet proof windows – better safe than sorry when you’re a member of the world’s financial elite!

Hariri’s London Mansion

3. Bran Castle

With a value well into the hundreds of millions, this is one Hell of a special building. If you’re a lover of literature you may know Bran Castle as the home of the blood-sucking Count Dracula!

Bran Castle

2. Villa Leopolda

The almost unbelievable Villa Leopolda is the crown jewel of the French Riviera. Commissioned by King Leopold of Belgium around the turn of the 20th Century, this magnificent property stretches over 27 storeys.

Villa Leopolda

1. Buckingham Palace

Given the large number of London properties on this list, it stands to reason that the official residence of the British royal family would be right up there at the top. In the unlikely event of Queen Elizabeth & co. selling off their iconic palace, they’d stand to pocket around $1.5 billion.

Buckingham Palace

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