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Under construction: the $500 million Bel Air mansion

One of the most remarkable residential properties ever to grace the face of the Earth is currently under construction in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Commissioned by Hollywood producer turner property developer Nile Niami, this swankiest of pads will occupy 100,000 square feet of land in the prestigious neighbourhood, known worldwide as the home of TV’s Fresh Prince.


With a projected value of $500 million, the ‘palatial’ home is set to become the most expensive ever sold by a considerable margin – the current world record-holding property was sold to steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal in 2011 for the relatively paltry sum of $221 million.


So what will that half a billion dollars buy you? Well, you’ll get some pretty impressive neighbours for starters, from Friends actress Jennifer Aniston to tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. Even the Reagans once called this neighbourhood home! Then there’s the headline-grabbing development itself, boasting such bewildering attractions as its very own nightclub, casino, enormous IMAX cinema, four luxurious swimming pools complete with cascades, and a 5,000 square foot master bedroom.


Oh, and there’s a jellyfish room too, naturally. In a nutshell, the $500 million Bel Air mansion which is expected to become the world’s most expensive residence when it reaches the market is every inch as ostentatious as you might expect.


And did we mention the view? The Bel Air-Holmby Hills area in which the property is being constructed is amongst the most scenic in town, and the hilltop location of Nile Niami’s development will afford a stunning vantage point from which to drink in the beauty of the whole neighbourhood, the city of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean beyond.


Niami’s outrageous Bel Air mansion is far from being the only property on the market with a potentially historic price tag – at the time of writing there are over 20 residential properties around the world which are on sale for a nine-figure asking price. Still, if you’re the kind of billionaire who wishes to lead a life betokened by the most ludicrous opulence imaginable, this Bel Air mansion looks likely to be the property for you.

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